Background to the story

A brief history. . .

Human-kind has long-since set out into the solar system and beyond in search of rich resources and to escape an overpopulated and failing earth. It is 200 years since a fleet of colony ships, bearing the best and brightest was sent to Ipulus Prime, a star system 20 light years away in which an earth-like planet was located. The ships and the people disappeared into the void and were never heard from again. Now our race clings to the remaining inhabitable parts of the earth, asteroids, moons, planetoids and spacestations like rats on a raft.

20 years ago a colony war was fought between a greedy earth government and an alliance of mining colonies who had grown tired of losing their hard earned funds to ever increasing taxes. The war exhausted both sides but caused the total collapse of the earth government. Society, accross the entire Solar System, was weakened to the point of anarchy as warlord-led factions vied for control.

It is now a time of pirates and corrupt corporations who rule by controlling the flow of essential resources – even basics such as water and food – starving any who cause trouble. The bankrupted governments, councils and authorities are now little more than puppets to rich corporations.

Now with the war over some adventurous and foolhardy types are starting to return to those regions that were hastily abandoned. The risks are great but the rewards are often greater – some finding great hoards or long forgotten caches.

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